You Will Regret Losing the Girl That Just Wanted to Love You Unconditionally and Wholeheartedly!

Perhaps the girl you dated was amazing. It was not just her hair, skin and smile that caught your attention. It was actually everything. Her magnetic personality just drew you to her.

You did almost everything together, as she was your best friend. You used to laugh hard. Life with her was fun. She did not push you or make you feel like less than you were. She was compassionate and kind and she took care of you like nobody else did.

She believed in you, even when nobody else did. That girl had the ability to see into your soul. Sometimes, she understood you more than you understood yourself.

Her heart skipped a beat at the thought of you. She loved you with all of her heart. She had that ability to love deeply. She loved you unconditionally. She trusted her heart and followed it fearlessly.

She told you about it fearlessly, as love was not something she ever held back. You did not have to question how she felt about you, but you always left her wondering were her feelings reciprocated.

She was ready to do just about anything for you, even the things you did not ask. She did not have difficulty expressing her thoughts and feelings.

Being with her was amazing, but you lost sight of it.

You came to point where you took advantage of her unconditional love for you; you knew she loved you to a point where she’d forgive you for anything. She believed your excuses and forgave your lies. She gave you more chances than you really deserved. And she was not stupid — she was just in love with you.

But, you could not reciprocate the type of love she was offering. Perhaps you were too selfish. Perhaps you were not mature enough.

You did not know the beauty of being loved and being happy. And you broke her heart, since you were blind to see the beauty in love. Even after you did it, she was still kind as well as she still loved you.

Now you may not know how deep her love was. But, once you begin to explore other options and meet other girls that may leave you with a void, you will begin to realize it.

And once she begins to devote all of that love to herself and become happier as a result, you will begin to feel a pinch of regret. You will begin to regret not loving her the way she deserved to be loved. You will begin to regret losing the girl that just wanted to love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly.