Ten Things Strong Girls Do NOT Chase!

Many girls are strong due to all the struggles they’ve endured throughout life. The things strong girls resisted the most are the ones that had to happen for them to move forward and grow.

Ten Things Strong Girls Do Not Chase:

– Love

No one can chase true, unconditional love. Once girls realize how strong they are, they’re at peace with each part of themselves. They also realize how important is to love themselves first. These girls love people who love them. They do not chase love since they have enough love for themselves. 

– Success

Girls who are strong do not chase success. In fact, they let success come into their lives by working hard.

– Happiness

They do not chase the world’s definition of happiness. They know that happiness is the direction they choose as well as the way they live their lives. It’s doing things that are beautiful, meaningful, challenging, and worthwhile.

– People

They do not chase people. It applies to co-workers, friends, family, etc. They let the right people enter their lives as they want to. Moreover, these girls know that the people supposed to be in their lives will flow to them naturally with certainty and ease.

– The Perfect Body

Once they realize how strong they are, they learn to love their own skin. They know life is not about looking good in skinny jeans. They do not chase after beauty standards. They do not try to obtain the “perfect body”, because they love their bodies.

– A Partner

They build enough faith and confidence in themselves and know that when they meet the right man, everything will happen naturally. They do not chase men that are unsure about them. They are upfront and honest with men about their intentions. Not chasing after men can save them a lot of stress and anxiety by letting things fall into place naturally instead of forcing them.

– Money

They do not chase after money. These girls focus more on their inner self as money cannot do anything to change the way they feel about themselves. So, they enjoy investing in themselves.

– Anything that they’re not

They do not let themselves lose track of who they are by trying to be like others. They remain true to themselves. They know that they must be unique in a world that is trying to make them like other people.

– Approval

Chasing other people’s approval is a waste of effort and time. Girls who are strong do not chase for approval and just care about their own approval. They’re aware of all their imperfections and flaws. They do not focus on what other people think of them. They’re also aware that other people’s approval does not define them.

– The Perfect Life

In today’s world, most people are obsessed with perfection. But, the perfect life, family, car, and house don’t exist. Girls who are strong do not chase what’s missing from their lives. They appreciate everything that they do have and do not chase society’s false perfection. So, they live their lives to the fullest.

Source: thoughtcatalog.com