8 Things That Show He Loves You Unconditionally!

Love does transcend genders, but there’re subtle differences between how women and men express their affection. It is a well-known fact that public display of affection comes easier to some people than others. However, when a guy does it, he’s probably serious about his girlfriend.

It does take too much vulnerability for a guy to express his true feelings, without hiding his emotions.

Here’re 8 Things That Show He Loves You Unconditionally:

– He isn’t afraid to show you his vulnerability

Men generally do not want to show their vulnerability, but a man that truly loves you is different around you. He isn’t afraid to share his fears or show you his vulnerable side. 

– He thinks you’re beautiful even on your worst days

Even if you have breakouts or a bad hair day, he doesn’t care for your physical appearance. He loves you for the person you are. He thinks you’re beautiful even on your worst days.

– He listens to what you have to say

When a man is passionate about somebody or something he loves, he gives it his full concentration. In case he loves you, what you say is important to him.

But, listening does not have to mean that he understands you. If he genuinely loves you, he listens to you and tries to understand your thoughts and words.

– He is proud of your success  

In case he truly loves you, he sees your success as his own success. He knows that there’s no competition in love. That’s why he doesn’t feel threatened by you.

– He fights for your love

If he loves you unconditionally, he does his best to retain that love. He stands beside you during your worst and your best of times.

He doesn’t want to lose you, because for him, it’d be the worst pain. That’s why he does everything in his power to prevent it 

– He makes sacrifices for your happiness  

If he makes sacrifices for your happiness, it is a sign that he makes you his priority. In case he modifies his plans to do something you like, it suggests that he shows his willingness to put your needs and you before his needs.

– He fights with you

In fact, fights do not have to mean that there’s a problem in your relationship. Each bond does require fights to find their true love and standing. In case he loves you unconditionally, he fights for you and with you. He invests his heart and time with you. That’s why he makes sure he solves and discusses each rift, which may lead to trouble. It can keep your relationship healthy.

– He treats your friends and family with respect  

He understands how important your friends and family are to you. Therefore, he treats them with respect. He listens to you when you are talking about them. Also, if asked, he’ll accompany you on visits.

Source: simplecapacity.com