20 Things to Expect If You Are Married to a Narcissist!

Narcissism is a personality disorder where a person exhibits behaviors such as a grandiose sense of self-importance, excessive need for admiration, lack of empathy, inability to handle criticism, and more.

The main purpose in life of most narcissists is self-esteem enhancement. These people often feel insecure about their status. They tend to appear highly confident to you, but there’s always a lurking doubt about their self-worth underneath it.

The self-esteem enhancement is actually more important to them than you can ever be.

So, if you want to marry someone with narcissistic personality disorder, you must understand that you are going to marry someone that is unable to have a healthy, interpersonal, intimate relationship, as narcissism is a disorder.

20 Things to Expect If You Are Married to a Narcissist:

– Your husband/wife will have an inflated view of self, usually erroneously believing that you aren’t as beautiful, brave, clever and smart as they are; you can’t do things as well as they do; and more.

– They will indulge in being the center of attention, usually dominating conversations, or steering them back onto the topics that are “more important” to them.

– They will be preoccupied with fantasies of ideal love, beauty, brilliance, power, or unlimited success.

– They will resort to any means, like anger and making you feel worthless in order to get your respect, approval and admiration.

– They will never ask about you, your feelings or your day. They won’t acknowledge or validate your needs.

– They will only care about themselves. They will only think about themselves and their wants.

– They will cause you to focus primarily on them, fulfilling only their own interests and needs.

– They will take advantage of you in order to get what they want.

– They won’t do their fair share of household responsibilities.

– They will spend a lot of time on their appearance. This means that they will spend too much time making sure they look perfect. They will also believe that you must look perfect as outward appearance is very important to them.

– They will only buy branded clothes, as they believe it’s a symbol of higher status and they love nice things. Their outward image is more important to them than their inner reality.

– They will be hypersensitive to any perceived critique. They take criticism personally and may feel deeply injured by it. So, whenever you disagree with them or express your honest feelings, you will be on the wrong end of their anger.

– They will never listen to you, if it does not affect them.

– They will often hurt you. They won’t even notice your reaction. If they do, they won’t pay attention to it.

– They won’t take responsibility for anything. If you complain about something wrong they did, they won’t take responsibility for it. They will tell you that you are too sensitive or they will blame you. They will turn it completely around to be your fault until you give up and agree with them.

– They will ruin all of your holidays and birthdays as somehow they want to make everything about them.

– They will make you feel that you aren’t able to handle a relationship with anybody but themselves.

– They will make every day feel like a struggle. They will make you feel like you are going crazy on a daily basis. And that’s why you will begin to feel confused, unheard, misunderstood, depressed and lonely.

– They will try to belittle you and make you feel bad about yourself, so that you do not have the confidence to leave.

– Eventually, you will realize that you made such a wrong decision by marrying them.