8 Things That May Be Preventing You from Achieving Success!

Success isn’t a coincidence. Success takes perseverance and hard work. However, there is another factor that is usually ignored: emotional and mental strength.

Like almost all positive traits, emotional strength comes more easily to some people than to others, but anybody can work to develop it.

You can develop mental strength by paying attention to how you live your life so you can figure out what you should work on and what you should let go of.

8 Things That May Be Preventing You from Achieving Success:

– Not having a clear vision or firm plan

If you do not have a clear vision or firm plan, you will never achieve success. If you do not have a plan to pull you into the future, you will go off course without even being aware of it.

You must have a dream, concept or idea you want to turn into reality. You must define a goal if you want to make it happen. You must create a roadmap that’ll guide you.

– Maintaining a scarcity mindset

A ‘scarcity or abundance’ mindset refers to general behaviors and attitudes, and affects the way you act and respond in your everyday life.

If you maintain a scarcity mindset, it means that you live within your own comfort zone and you never take risks. While taking risks isn’t always a good idea, sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone can pay off.

Also, you think that there isn’t enough of anything and feel as if resources are limited, like success, time, and money.

But, you can overcome your scarcity mindset if you are grateful for everything you have; aren’t gluttonous; stop obsessive thinking; and don’t compare yourself to others (replace jealousy with gratitude).

– Dwelling on regrets

Dwelling on regrets is pointless. Thinking about broken promises, missed opportunities, or things that should have and could have been can make you feel dissatisfied with the choices you have made in your life.

It is self-destructive and can only make you unable to move forward and prevent you from achieving success.

So, do not look back; accept your failures and mistakes; and learn from them.

– Being jealous of successful people

Jealousy is an illusion; somebody else’s good fortune takes nothing away from you. It not only makes you miserable, it can also make it more difficult to accomplish your goals.

You do not know what it took for successful people to get there. So, do not act like it was effortless, unearned, or pure dumb luck; and keep envy and jealousy in check by focusing on what you have instead of what you do not have.

– Constantly second-guessing yourself

It is great to have a plan and revisit it occasionally to make sure you are on track. But, questioning and second-guessing each decision you make will prevent you from moving forward. Believing that you aren’t good enough will damage your well-being and self-esteem.

You must believe in yourself, your own abilities and experiences. Do not let yourself become so paralyzed with overanalyzing and overthinking that you cannot act on what you should do to become successful.

So next time you find yourself questioning or second-guessing your decisions, just remember how far you’ve come.

– Blaming other people for your failures

Blaming other people for your failures and complaining about the lack of talent you have to work with is fruitless.

When you blame someone else for your own failures, you prevent yourself from being capable of doing adequate self-evaluation that’s critical to self-improvement.

You can make mistakes and errors, stumble and fall, but you should never blame other people for that.

– Not knowing when to let go

Remember that holding on or hanging in there infinitely isn’t a sign of incredible strength. You won’t achieve your goals or become successful if you’re too attached to what you should let go of.

There’re times when it takes more strength to know when to let go. It is difficult to let go of something that you are emotionally connected to. However, being able to identify when to move on will allow you to focus on new opportunities and achieve success.

– Constantly seeking approval from other people

Trying to gain approval from other people will hold you back and prevent you from becoming successful. Sometimes, it is OK to get the opinions of other people, but you should not seek approval from other people all the time.

When you seek approval from someone else, you actually add an unnecessary step to your decision-making process and give up your power to them.

So next time you want to get permission from somebody else to follow through with a plan, remember that you are the one in control. You should just listen to your heart and follow your own passions. You are your own person, with your own interests and ambitions. And it is up to you to take charge of your own life.