The Presence of Bad Times Is Often the Biggest Persuasion of God’s Absence. But, the Truth Is That He Is Always with You!

You have probably felt at some point in life that God is ignorant and distant. However, God promises in His Word again and again that He’s always with you.

The presence of bad times is often the biggest persuasion of His absence. But, the truth is that He’s always with you and promises to never forsake you nor leave you.

There was probably a time you did not want to ask any questions. When your soul and mind got tired of spinning in circles, when your world turned upside down, when everything went haywire, where was God? You lost faith, in your life itself, in yourself, in people around you, and in Him.

You wondered why whenever you needed God’s presence the most, you felt it the least. But, God was watching in silence as you drowned in that madness.

It was when you got tired of asking that you found the answers. You found them in the most unexpected place. The answers were where He was.

God went ahead of you to pave the way as well as clear the path. He went ahead to await your fall. He met you at the very bottom to carry you back up.

Now you probably know why things happened the way they did. God let you fall weak so you can find strength in Him. He let you lose your way so you can find Him. He let you break so you can be whole again through Him. He let you lose everything for you to see He is all you need.

Your heart probably overflowed with joy by how He has changed your life: the answered prayers, even the prayers you didn’t ask for. The prayers that you felt you weren’t worthy of.

It was probably you that complicated things. It could be very simple. God simply wanted to teach you something.

All you needed to know was that you weren’t in control and that you won’t be in control. Regardless of what you do, it wasn’t up to you, but Him. It won’t be according to you plan, but His plan. And all you needed to do was trust that He would not let harm to come to you.

All along, God was simply waiting for you to open your heart to Him. As all along, He simply wanted to fill each void. There’re still many holes, but you know in His perfect time, He will fill them all.