Thank Your Friends for Loving You for Who You Are!

When you are disappointed, go through tough times, or get sick, you probably want somebody to be there for you. Somebody to just hang out with you, listen to you or remind you that life goes on.

You just want a real friend.

But, you know that your circle of friends became smaller and that in today’s world it is hard to find true friends that are willing to stay through all ups and downs.

You know that some of the people you meet today don’t play nice, stick to a simple dinner date, give you the right advice and do anything to help you become a better version of yourself.

If someone cannot keep their word about keeping a simple dinner date on a consistent level, they are not the people that you should call when you go through tough times.

Priorities in life change and your circle of friends keeps changing. You probably keep meeting many people in life as you enter different stages of life. You will meet people that you fall for, people that you dislike as you cannot connect, and people that you hate for no reason.

You know that walking away from people is OK and you accept people walking away from you.

You are aware that you cannot hold everybody’s hands as you move forward, just because it is a chore and it is heavy. You know that you must cut some extra weight to be more at peace and feel lighter at some point, whether you want it or not. In case you feel the toxicity radiating from somebody and affecting you, you know that you must walk away from them. Doing so doesn’t mean that you are rude.

You know that true friends are people whom you can talk to about anything and be stupid with. You know that true friends are people that are always there for you. You are aware that everybody else that does not fit into that category is only an acquaintance or somebody you know by their face, name or hang out with from time to time. You know that genuine friendship takes time and effort to sustain.

Fortunately, you’ve probably found genuine friends that you want to keep in your life forever. You are probably surrounded by people that understand you, accept you, and love you for who you are. You do not feel insecure and aren’t afraid of showing who you really are. Whenever you are with them, you do not have to hide your true self or wear a mask to feel validated.

You should thank them for accepting you and loving you for who you are. You should thank them for supporting you unconditionally without expecting anything in return.

Thank them for understanding you like nobody else does. Thank them for loving you in your dorky and tough moments, moments where if others saw them, they would definitely walk away. And it was the moment you realized that they were the people worth keeping in your circle.