You Should Tell THIS to the People You Hurt While You Were Hurting!

As humans we’ve all been hurt. However, it doesn’t give us the right to hurt other people. Unfortunately, we end up hurting our loved ones as we’re in pain. We don’t know why it happens but eventually we end up hurting ourselves even more.

It is wrong to hurt or blame somebody just because we were hurting. Perhaps an apology would not mean too much and telling the truth may not erase what’s been damaged.

We should tell this to those we hurt while we were hurting:

I am sorry for casting a dark shadow over you when you wanted to brighten my spirits with positive messages.

I am sorry for ruining your day with all the rants I have been telling you on a daily basis. I know that it’s difficult to keep on listening to somebody that’s so angry and sad at the same time.

I am sorry for not listening to all the amazing stories you were telling me. I understand you simply wanted to improve my mood. However, I was so occupied with my own problems, that I could not appreciate what you have been doing for me.

I am sorry for not talking to you at all. I am also sorry for snubbing you. I know sometimes I am rude and selfish. But, sometimes, I actually want to be alone when I am not in the mood to talk about my issues.

I am sorry for being mean. I swear that I did not mean those words. It is simply that I can’t control my emotions when I am so mad.

I am sorry for pushing you away when you reached out to help me. I’ve probably made you feel that the help you were offering wasn’t necessary.

I am sorry for being so stubborn and arrogant that I did not listen to your advice. I understand that you simply wanted the best for me.

It isn’t malicious. I never intended to hurt you when I was hurting. I was actually at war with myself. I never wanted to damage anybody while I was broken.

So, I want you to know that I am sorry I hurt you. I simply thank God for blessing me with you, because you love me at my worst.