Sometimes an Ending Is a Blessing in Disguise!

It’s tragic that everyone experiences some kind of loss or suffering. However, it is also tragic that you do not always recognize just how lucky you are.

These things take place each day; you just do not know about it.

For instance, you will be late for work or miss a bus. You will get sick and miss a great job interview. However, you have no idea what calamity or hardship you have just dodged.

You may experience a blessing in disguise in small ways each day.

You may have just missed an event, which could have cost you your life, your wealth, or your health. You just do not know it. Also, most of the time, you never will.

Sometimes an ending forces you to find a new beginning. It forces you to step up and fill that void but you eventually find more about yourself. You ultimately find something better for you. You finally wish you had ended things sooner or walked away from the people and things that do not inspire you anymore.

You do not have to mourn each ending. You do not have to be sad as you were taught that each ending is bad. It is important to understand that some endings are happy or contribute to happier endings. Others might be difficult to swallow in the beginning. However, once you look past the pain, you see the lesson and the wisdom behind it, the person it made you, and the chances that it brought you.

You can find much more blessings in an ending than you can find in a beginning. Each beginning is exciting and you may not pay attention to what you truly want or how it may change your life since you are in love with the thrill of it. You are focused on the idea that something new is going on in your life. However, the true blessings are in endings. When something ends, you often look deeper into the how’s and why’s. When something ends, you are confronted by numerous questions that help you find many important answers.

In fact, the toughest endings are usually the ones that are best for you. The toughest endings often bring the biggest joys.

In addition, the best part of each ending is that it shows you what is meant to be yours as well as what isn’t. Each ending moves you to a new direction. It is God’s message to you and you cannot go wrong with it. God’s plan is, without a doubt, much better than yours.

So perhaps it isn’t just ‘sometimes,’ it is always. In short, an ending is always a blessing in disguise.

It needs to be celebrated like a new beginning, since it holds numerous opportunities.