Here Are 16 Signs That Someone Is an INFJ, the World’s Rarest Personality Type!

INFJ is actually one of the rarest personality types. Furthermore, it makes up about two percent of the world’s population. People with this personality type are seen as “emotionally intelligent,” “mysterious,” and “intuitive.”

In the 1940’s, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers created The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. It does assess a person in four different categories: Perceiving vs. Judging; Feeling vs. Thinking; Intuition vs. Sensing; and Introversion vs. Extroversion. INFJs are people whose personalities favor the sides of Intuitive, Introverted, Feeling, and Judging.

These people may be hard to spot as they’re reserved and aren’t prevalent in society. But, they’re organized and empathetic workers, loyal friends, and excellent leaders.

Here Are 16 Signs That Someone Is an INFJ:

– They’re empathic and “simply know” things. In addition, they have a great sense of intuition. They can see, within seconds of meeting someone, their genuine character.

– They look for lifelong relationships. They often find themselves with intuitive extroverts. Intuitive extroverts typically connect with them on the deeper plane of intuition.

– They’re great thinkers. They enjoy reflecting on deep thoughts about their purpose as well as the world around them. They’re old-souls that spend too much time looking for the meaning behind anything, which happens to them. They’re usually intellectuals, readers, and researchers that genuinely enjoy learning.

– They’re an incredible combination of logical and emotional and don’t want to waste their energy and time on something that’s fake. They prefer quality over quantity and aren’t interested in anything or anyone they view as being wishy-washy, fraudulent, or scheming.

– They hate small talk. To them, small talk does take energy and have little purpose as it just fills silence and does not reveal any deeper layer of the people involved. So, don’t talk to them about the weather or other people. You can tell them about the wish-list of your soul, or how you smile whenever you smell a rose as it does remind you of your grandmother.

– They usually report feeling “different” and lonely. They find it difficult to find others that see the world in the same way as they do.

– They’re “fixers” and gravitate towards those that need help. They love a good fixer-upper. Also, due to their genuine intentions and motives, and their ability to see the “good bones” of others, these people readily provide compassion and comfort towards others.

– They’re visionaries that typically see the big picture. Additionally, they’re skilled planners as well as always focus on the end goal and what’s necessary to propel them there. But, while they’re off in dreamland about their futures, they might forget to be present in the world that’s currently taking place.

– They typically make decisions based on insight and emotion. Moreover, they judge the people as well as the world around them based off of the way they make them feel. They don’t care about performance history and track records, instead, they pay attention to how someone treats them personally. They’re also highly intuitive and trust their “gut feeling” about anything.

– They’re people-pleasers and high-achievers. In case you want something done immediately, you should hand it over to these people. They’ll plan all details down to the minute. But, if you want to criticise them, you should do it carefully, because they take each word to heart. They’re a unique mix of a doer and a dreamer, but they’re more likely to develop depression or anxiety.

– They eventually look for genuine meaning and truth. These people don’t pay attention to extravagant gestures or grandiose tales in case there isn’t a genuine and true motive behind them. They’re able to instantly detect a half-truth or lie. In case they think someone is a manipulator or a phony, they’ll write them off. These people usually enjoy experiences, traveling, and adventures that promote self-reflection and heighten their comprehension of the intricacies of life.

– They exude warmness, and other people instantly feel comfortable in their presence. Usually, strangers sit down next to them and disclose their personal dreams, secrets, and fears. They’re trusted confidants and good listeners and often make other people feel at ease.

– They want to foster change in society and have particular ideas about the world. These are actually intense and deep-seated beliefs, which they’ll not abandon. In case a law, career, or relationship doesn’t align with their moral compass, they won’t have any qualms about overlooking it.

– They want to work alone and only have a few friends. Even though they may have many acquaintances, in case they call someone a “friend,” INFJs really mean it for life. They’re devoted and loyal to their close friends, regardless of how much time passes between their interactions. They want to work in a quaint office with a few like-minded colleagues or to work from home. They may be a good team player but the notion of collaboration meetings and group projects often makes them sink down in their seat.

– Although those that aren’t close to them think them to be extroverts, they’re actually introverts. It happens as they may be social chameleons and may blend in each social setting. People close to them know that they prefer barbecues over balls, and bars over clubs, and may give a speech to many people but cringe at the notion of mingling with the crowd afterward. In order to “recharge their batteries,” they often retreat home for a while.

– They’re creative writers and gifted in language. They enjoy spending time alone and developing enriched inner-lives with various skills and hobbies. They cannot express their emotions very well, so they often turn to paper and pen. In fact, most successful writers are INFJs.