12 Signs You Are Mentally and Sexually Turned on by Intelligent People!

When you think about what attracts you to somebody else, pragmatically and romantically, you’ll probably have your mind turn to the color of their eyes or the way they laugh.

But, some people don’t focus on those components when looking for a partner. For them, it isn’t about what resides on the outside, but they find those they want to spend time with and settle down with, based on their mind and intelligence.

They’re called Sapiosexuals. They’re mentally and sexually turned on by intelligent people.

Twelve Signs You Are Mentally and Sexually Turned on by Intelligent People:

– You love things that expand your mind

You enjoy sitting at home watching things you’re still learning about or documentaries on the Universe. You crave opportunities that help you grow and learn, and you love things that expand your mind. You seek out people that you find more intelligent, as you’d like to learn from them.

– You find self-awareness and emotional intelligence incredibly sexy

You find self-awareness and emotional intelligence incredibly sexy. You love when somebody is in tune with their emotions, and you admire people that can work through and rationalize situations using their mind.

– You’re irritated by bad grammar

In case you begin to talk to somebody, and they use short forms or text you things like “Hey what r u doing?”, you can’t stand it. You’re automatically turned off, and you can no loner talk to them.

– You’re a great listener

You’re a great listener as you love when somebody can teach you things. You admire when the people you care for go on about something they find fascinating or something they learned. It expands your mind, and connects with your value of conversation. You can sit still and listen to them for hours.

– You’d rather meet somebody in a bookstore than a bar

You do not go to bars to meet people. Your dream introduction or your dream date may occur at a documentary screening or within a bookstore. For you, it’s where you’ll find an intellectual counterpart, as they’re environments that’ll inspire deep conversation.

– You can’t stand foolish people

You can’t stand people that have to assert themselves through aggression and over the top gestures. You can’t stand foolish people or people that unravel easily. You find it attractive when somebody meets difficult situations with intellect and poise. You admire people that rationalize their feelings, and that don’t explode, when something goes wrong. 

– You don’t like small talk

You feel physically uncomfortable when somebody can’t hold a deep conversation with you. You can’t stand small talk, and you’d rather sit in silence than answer to their comments on the weather. You admire people that use their intelligence to expand on ideas, carry conversations forward, as well as ask questions that fuel speaking points.

– You’re more attracted to somebody when you slowly discover their emotional intelligence, their smarts, their wit, etc.

You’re steady and slow. When you slowly discover their emotional intelligence, their smarts, their wit, the way they resolve conflicts, and the way they speak, your attraction to them begins to grow.

– Physical attraction is good, but conversation is better

Of course, you must be physically attracted to somebody to be with them. But, in case they’re simply good-looking, you may find yourself uninterested. In case they can’t deepen your knowledge, they’re not worth your time, regardless of how attractive they are.

– You love debating

In case they challenge you to a debate, you find yourself drawn to them on a much deeper level. In that person, you discover a counterpart that’ll always expand your mind, and that does not shy away from using their knowledge to entice or test you. You do not find these types of people pretentious or stubborn. You admire their thirst for meaningful conversation and their eagerness.

– Intelligence is at the top of your list when looking for a partner

You dig deeper into humans. In case there’s not much below the surface, you may find yourself uninterested and bored. To you, intelligence is exciting, and it does take precedence over how much money they have or what they do for a living.

– Deep conversation turns you on and inspires you

Although most people love a great conversation, you require it every day from them. When somebody is talking about their thoughts, or the things that they know or question, you probably admire them and find yourself attracted to them.

Source: thoughtcatalog.com