Here Is Why You Should Repeat a Mantra and How to Do It!

When you’re experiencing depression and anger, you may want to repeat a Mantra.

A mantra does employ the thinking mind rather than subduing it, ignoring it, or silencing it. It does use thoughts to transcend thoughts. It’s a very powerful method. You should repeat a mantra again and again in your head for a certain period of time in order to give you the heads up about it. You should keep thinking again and again of only one phrase.

It has different profound and sacred meaning in the Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions. In the U.S., it’s been adopted as a phrase without any special importance to substitute the incessant thinking of thoughts.

In order to go deeper into why this technique is so effective, you should comprehend what results in emotional suffering, that’s disturbing emotions such as anxiety, fear, jealousy, anger, and depression – all they’re triggered by thinking. Most people continue to think over things until they become sick as well as drained of their energy.

According to Eckhart Tolle, it isn’t the situation that results in suffering; but it’s actually your thoughts about the situation.

In addition, a woman asked the seventeenth Century Zen Master Bankei how to stop her suffering over her dead husband. She told him that whenever she thought of her husband she got depressed and sad. He told her that she should stop thinking about her husband.

Even though it may sound like disrespectful, callous, or repressing the emotion instead of ‘coping with it’, it really has some inconvenient and profound truth to it.

Moreover, to stop it and focus on the present is definitely an important skill in meditation, particularly the mindfulness practice. Your meditations will fail you if you often go over your worries and problems, think about negative world events, or think of people who pissed you off. This is where Mantra can help you in a period of crisis.

Buddha did teach this technique over 2 thousand years ago that’s still powerful nowadays. If you are a beginner, you should repeat the mantra breathing in and breathing out in co-unison with your breath as an aid to relaxation, focus, and transcending mundane thoughts.

Although you could let go of your surface thoughts, there could be also an undercurrent of quiet thoughts, which go on under the surface of normal thinking and keep the emotional charge of disturbing emotions alive. However, repeating a mantra can help drown out the surface noises as well as the undercurrent of quiet thoughts until they’re left in the repetition of a neutral mantra.

Like thinking deeply about your worries triggers a negative charge via your body, thinking of positive thoughts can create a positive and pleasant energy via your entire body.

Additionally, it is important to understand that you’re already the happiness and peace you’re looking for. In case you can still your mind as well as look within, you could also find what has always been in it. Remember that happiness is actually more of a discovery than a creation.

The ‘I’m’ is the ground of our being the clear existential awareness that does exist in each moment. According to Robert Anton Wilson, it’s obscured, but not lost by the reality tunnel. It’s the beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that color and prejudice the present moment’s alive clarity.

Furthermore, there’s existence before thoughts, which isn’t only the heart of the matter, but finding it is the ultimate pursuit and the purpose of life.

Approaching this enlightened presence behind all thoughts is the aim of repeating a Mantra. Repeating it is just a technique to get you beyond thinking.

When you’ve repeated it long enough to stop any other subtle and compulsive thinking, you may want to gradually allow it to quieten down to a whisper in your head until it eventually stops all together. In case thoughts intrude on your silence, you could also start it again. It isn’t passive or dull but rather alive with a deep primordial wisdom, creative potential, and sensitivity to others.

When planning and thoughts arise again, you could keep contact with the enormity of silence that’s forever and always in the transcendent background.