Remember That God Always Has the Best Plans for You!

It’s easy to forget God’s power and presence when you face difficult and uncertain times. With the chaos of life going on around you, it may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Your faith may falter and you may doubt that God is with you. You may also doubt that He is real.

When you struggle with unbelief and begin to doubt, remember that God has plans for you and He will renew your mind and heart toward who He says He is as well as who He says you are.

God does know what He is doing. When you are confused and you do not know how you will move forward or where you will go, remember that He has a plan to take care of you and give you the future you hope for. He will never abandon you. He’ll always open a new, unexpected door for you, which can make you happy.

Moreover, He does also hear your prayers. He is listening to you and He is giving you what you want. However, He is doing it in His own way. Perhaps your prayer request may not come exactly as you thought it’d be, since His way may be different from yours. Needless to say, God’s way is always the right one.

For instance, if you ask for love and you experience heartbreak, God is trying to tell you that you should make a better choice. If you ask for success and you lose your job, He is trying to tell you that another job can make you more successful. If you ask for happiness and you find yourself waking away from those you love, He is trying to tell you they aren’t the people to surround yourself with as they bring you down and drain your energy. He is trying to tell you that you love the wrong people.

He will not take anything away without giving you something better. He does know when something needs to end even if you aren’t ready. He does know when something has served its purpose even when you cannot see it. He is planning what is next for you as He does know that you need a change. He does know that He is guiding you to a more fulfilling life or taking you to a better destination.

He is looking out for you. Sometimes it isn’t easy to see and it is impossible to understand why something happens the way it does. However, God will never leave you alone in the dark. He’ll inspire you and guide you, so you can change your life.

He does want you to count on Him. He does want you to know that nothing in life is complete or secure. He does want you to learn that everyone is unpredictable as well as that they change their minds every second. He does want you to know that sometimes you should count on your faith, not your logic. He does want you to face enough problems so you can have enough wisdom to know that He is the only one that can really heal you.

He always has a plan for you. His plan always involves what is best for you.