This Experiment Highlights How Much Our Preconceived Notion Goes into What We Create!

When you hold preconceived beliefs and thought, it could manifest itself in an ugly way and it could even skew your judgement. Perhaps you’ve held unjust prejudices against someone for no reason other than something you’ve been told about them.

That is what this experiment is all about.

Namely, Canon has recently carried out an incredible experiment on the power of perspective in portrait photography. In addition, Canon Australia asked 6 different photographers to independently shoot portraits of a man named Michael. Each photographer was actually told a different story about the background of this man.

Each of them was told that Michael was: a recovering alcoholic, a self-proclaimed psychic, a commercial fisherman, someone that has saved a life, an ex-convict, and a self-made millionaire. But, in reality, this man isn’t any of those things. Michael is actually an actor who did his best to take on every character’s personality.

Even though the photographers took photos of Michael in the same studio with the same props, the photos were greatly different. In fact, the photos provided an insight into the photographer’s perception of Michael as well as the way they approached the photoshoot. The way he was portrayed in their photos was definitely mind blowing.

Here is how the six portraits looked like through six different perspectives of who the man is:

We believe that this experiment highlights how much someone’s pre-conceived notion goes into what they create. A photo could be an intimate representation of who a person is. What’s more, it can also say a lot about the photographer.

We hope this experiment serves as a reminder to you that you should pay attention to what you listen to as well as digest when someone talks about others since what they say may shape your perception of them. That’s not all, it may also be untrue. Therefore, before judging someone, you should allow them to tell you their own story since it could be different to that you’ve heard.