One Day, You Will Be Happy You Walked Away from Him!

Your relationship may feel wrong and you think it is time to go.

However, your mind probably says that you love that person and that there’re many good things about them. But, the truth is that you are unhappy and miserable. You want to leave. You deserve to be in a better relationship. But perhaps your current relationship will work out? Perhaps you’ll ultimately find happiness together, like when you first started dating?

Although your love for him is strong and sturdy, his love is flickering and uncertain. He’s inconsistent with his actions and words, not knowing what’s going to be the next step. He’s not sure whether if both of you should be together.

You know that there is no excuse for a man being unreliable. There’s a reason, and you’d venture to guess that most of the time that reason is just a combination of selfishness or laziness. But, it isn’t your job to justify or rationalize it. Your job is to show him your good, sassy ass as you walk out the door, as it’s the last, he is ever going to see of you.

So when you’ve tried all you can in your dying relationship, there has to be a moment in time when you decided that’s it.

That moment is when you look into his cold eyes, as he breaks your heart brutally. Or when you’ve been at the end of the rope attempting to salvage what was left of your relationship to no avail.

That moment is when you understood that you aren’t going to try anymore as nobody is worth the pain you are currently suffering. It’s when you eventually see your worth and accept what the people around you have been telling you – that you deserve someone better. It’s when you start picturing a life without him and it brings you a sense of clarity and serenity that ultimately, you’ll be happier than before.

It’s when you know that there’ll be a day in the near future when you thank yourself for walking away from him without looking back.

One day, you’ll be happy that you walked away from him.

You’ll be humbled to know that all the cliché sayings are right and time heals all wounds. You’ll be living the life of your dreams and while you are busy relishing every bit of it, it’ll suddenly dawn on you that he is no longer the persistent thought that haunts you in what you do.

You’ll realize that of all the things that you are proud of, one of it was walking away from him.