You Do Not Need Anyone Else to Complete You Because You Are Just Fine on Your Own!

If you refer to your partner as your “other half”, it means that you are incomplete, and that you aren’t a full person on your own. Of course, your partner may complete your sentences or complement your personality in a way that makes it seem like you would not be as well-rounded without them, but it simply means that you are compatible, not less of a person on your own.

Perhaps you grew up and left the house of your parents. So, you shouldn’t go right back to relying on somebody else to take care of you. You can do it yourself.

Remember that a genuinely happy couple involves 2 people that’d be perfectly fine on their own, but decide to be together anyway since they cannot imagine not having their partner to share their lives with.

You won’t be genuinely happy if you expect your partner to fill your void of unhappiness. This means that you should be happy on your own before you can be genuinely happy in a relationship. Do not allow anybody else to carry you as you cannot find your own way — it’s not fair to both of you. You must grow and identify who you are and who you want to be instead of allowing somebody else to decide that for you.

You do not need anybody else to tell you ˮI love youˮ before going to bed. You should love yourself first. You should identify your worth and your value. You do not need anybody else to give you constant reassurance, as you probably have friends and family that truly love you.

You do not need anybody else to hold you close as you fall asleep at night. You do not need anybody else’s skin up against yours to get a good night’s sleep. You should be comfortable on your own. You should be aware that your happiness does not depend on whether or not you sleep alone at night.

You do not need anybody else to hold your hand as you walk down the street. You should walk your own path with your head held high. You should be fine on your own. Even though you have insecurities, you should not allow them to destroy your self-esteem.

You do not need anybody else to make you happy. Go out and do what you love. Remember that you can achieve your goals and your wildest dreams. Do not back down! Do not give up!

Although support and companionship help a lot, there’re certain things that nobody else can do for you. For example, in case you want a better job, you must to go out and find one. In case you are not happy, you must identify ways to change it.

That’s why you do not need anybody else to complete you. By spending enough time alone, you will realize that you can live happily on your own. You will understand that true joy is found in your own soul, beauty, abilities, passion, and strength; not in those you wish to be with.

Remember that you are created with built-in independence and that relying on somebody else will just make things more difficult if one day that person is not around anymore.