Do Not Ignore These 7 Gut Instincts!

Listening to our gut instinct typically has a bad reputation, because analytic thinking has been steadily promoted over the last few decades. We have progressed from relying on religious, primitive and magical thinking to scientific and analytic thinking. That’s why we see intuition and emotions as whimsical, fallible tools.

But, the truth is that emotions aren’t dumb responses and they shouldn’t be ignored or corrected by rational faculties.

Gut feelings or intuition are the result of too much processing that occurs in our brain. Our brain always compares incoming sensory information and current experiences against memories and knowledge of previous experiences, and predicting what will happen next.

So, if you are in touch with your inner self, you may be good at listening to your gut feelings. The feelings you get in the pit of your stomach, in your chest and the voice in your head are there for a reason. If you have a feeling that something is not right, you shouldn’t ignore it. Ignoring your instinct may lead you down a path of regret, hurt or danger.

Do Not Ignore These 7 Gut Instincts:

– “Something feels off.”

You are somewhere and everything seems fine. However, your gut tells you that “something feels off”. So, if everything looks perfect, but you feel like something is not right, do not ignore that feeling. 

– “I do not feel good.”

If you feel like there is something going on in your body that’s not right, do not ignore that feeling. You must get it checked out before it gets any worse.

Remember that ignoring subtle signs from your body may lead to a much larger problem. So, do not hesitate to visit your doctor if something in your body does not feel right.

Also, if you are feeling anxious or depressed, do not simply self medicate. Instead, talk to a therapist. They may have suggestions for you.

– “It comes naturally to me.”

Overthinking may cause problems that did not even exist in the first place, particularly in regard to your natural talents. Perhaps you have spent a month practicing your lines for a play, and have all the inflections in your tone, all the hand motions, and the whole thing down pat. But, once you get on stage for your final practice, you forget what you worked so hard practicing all of a sudden.

You probably pay too much attention to your thoughts, instead of allowing your instincts to take over. So, if something comes naturally to you, let your instincts take over by distracting your mind with something other than the task at hand, like a memory or song that makes you happy.

– “It seems dangerous.”

If you feel like you are in danger, pay attention to that feeling. Perhaps you are in a car with a stranger; somebody meets your gaze and you immediately get an uneasy feeling about them; or you walk home alone and feel like someone is watching you.

Do not ignore that feeling, because it may save your life.

– “I must help that person.”

You may sense when someone else needs support. As you may read other people’s body language, emotional signals and their facial expressions, you do not always have to wait for a verbalized cue before you reach out. A part of your brain helps you sense what they are feeling.

This means that you may sense when somebody needs help. The ability to empathetically identify with other people’s facial expressions can make you help them.

– “I must leave.”

It may be a town, a country, a relationship, or a job. If you feel like you should leave, do not ignore that feeling. Your gut instinct may help you stay safe and bring you happiness. So, be courageous enough to make a change when your gut is telling you that it is time.

– “It just feels right.”

Whether you must choose to start or end a relationship, or decide where to live, your intuition plays a greater role than rational thinking in making such decisions. When you make an important life decision, how you feel about it is all that matters.

So next time you make an important life decision, just listen to your intuition, because it’ll help you choose the right path.