The Man Who Invented a Water-Powered Car Died in a Restaurant Saying “They Poisoned Me”!

Are you familiar with the fact that water-fuelled cars have existed? In case you aren’t familiar with this, it is because they were barely covered by the media. Some of the inventors of water-powered cars died under mysterious circumstances, whereas others were intimidated into ceasing their work.

Among the first was Stanley Meyer, an American inventor that created a water fuel device. Meyer claimed that each car fitted with the device could run on water. Moreover, it was considered that it can run across the United States on twenty-two gallons of water. According to Meyer, tap water, salt water or purified water could act as fuel for the engine.

In order to examine his work, the British Advanced Energy Institute sent a delegation. They concluded that this was one of the greatest inventions of the last century.

But, the same people may have also been responsible for Meyer’s downfall. His story took a turn for the worse when Meyer was out at dinner with 2 Belgian investors and his twin brother. They were actually celebrating Meyer’s patented creation of the water-powered car. After taking a sip from his cranberry juice, he instantly ran outside. He vomited profusely. Furthermore, the last words Meyer said to his twin brother before dying were that he was poisoned.

Although the cause of his death was listed as a brain aneurysm, his last words may make you wonder if he was poisoned.

In case you think about this, his invention would have been a huge obstacle to the profit margin of the oil industry. Were the large oil corporations attempting to censor his invention? Could they have done it to prevent Meyer’s creation from getting widespread recognition?

It goes without saying that they were interested in his invention. The truth is that there had been a huge interest from the government, large oil companies and investment companies. Meyer actually got billion dollar offers for his patents from large groups that would not want people to have free energy. But, he turned them down, because he created it in order to stop oil-rich nations from taking advantage of the population.

Unfortunately, it never happened as well as gas prices finally skyrocketed, as his death put a stop to his invention. Stanley Meyer was one of the few people that really wanted to make the world a better place with his great inventions. It is actually a shame that there hasn’t been any serious coverage of this story.