40+ Life Lessons from a “90-Year-Old” That May Change Your Life!

It’s believed that it takes 10 thousand tries to become a master at something. In case it’s true, then anybody that’s made it past ninety-years-old should be true masters at life. They have experienced all of the sadness, happiness, fear, and tears that come with any phase of life, as well as they have many stories to tell.

Regina Brett, an inspirational speaker, author, and newspaper columnist, wrote down the following lessons the day before her forty-fifth birthday. When Brett’s article went viral, and the internet started claiming that she was ninety-years-old, she felt blessed knowing how it touched so many people.

These Life Lessons May Change Your Perspective on Life:

– Although life isn’t fair, it’s still good.

– Your friends and family will take care of you when you are sick, not your job.

– You must stay true to yourself rather than attempting to win every argument.

– It is OK to get angry with God, because He can take it.

– Enjoy life as it is too short.

– Save for what truly matters.

– Don’t let your past screw up your present.

– You don’t have to always hide your tears to prevent your children from getting upset.

– Don’t compare yourself to other people.

– Crying with somebody else is more useful than crying alone.

– Don’t get into a secret relationship.

– Everything may change in the blink of an eye. But, God does not blink.

– Believe in miracles.

– Stop buying unnecessary things.

– Get rid of what’s useless.

– You must understand that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

– Remember that it isn’t too late to be happy.

– Focus on what is truly important to you.

– Burn the candles, wear the sexy lingerie, and use the amazing sheets. Don’t save anything for a special occasion since every day is special.

– You need to be eccentric now.

– Remember that the most important sex organ is your brain.

– You’re in charge of your own happiness.

– Taking a deep breath can help calm your mind.

– Frame every disaster with this question ‘In five years, will it matter?’

– You need to choose Life, regardless of what is going on.

– You need to take the next step when in doubt.

– Even though you should forgive, you should not forget.

– In the end, all that truly matters is that you genuinely loved.

– Don’t pay attention to what other people think of you.

– Each situation will change, regardless of how good or bad it is.

– Don’t take yourself too seriously.

– Don’t audit life.

– You must understand that time heals literally everything.

– Remember that your children get only one childhood.

– You need to get outside every day.

– If you threw your problems in a pile and saw other people’s problems, you’d grab yours back.

– Growing old isn’t easy, but it beats the alternative — dying young.

– You must accept what you already have as envy is just a waste of time.

– You should dress up and show up, no matter how you feel.

– You need to yield.

– Even though life isn’t tied with a bow, it’s a gift.

It’s important to understand that it isn’t too late to begin to practice these lessons. You do not have to wait until you are ninety-years-old to appreciate your life. You can wake up every day and find inspiration and comfort in the world around you.

Even a kid can give you lessons that may change your life:

This advice is actually similar to that of Regina Brett.


Source: theheartysoul.com