Dear Strong Woman, Let Your Partner Take Care of You!

Strong women are able to stand up for themselves. They do not have to hide behind their partner’s back. When they have problems, they deal with them, without playing victims. They stand as well as they deal without making themselves look pitiful or pointing fingers. They face the world with their heads held high and they carry the universe in their hearts.

They’ve probably grown up on a specific mantra, a particular set of principles instilled by their progressive parents as well as the society. They’ve been told to do well in school and get a good education. They’ve also been told toget a great career.

They’ve probably been told about the significance of self-sufficiency. They’ve been told that they did not need anybody but themselves. They’ve been reminded many times with good intention they’d like to think that they were independent and strong. They’ve been told these remarks in order to achieve success and build confidence.

If you are a strong woman, remember that it is OK to let the reigns go. In addition, you no longer need to hold the fort down on your own. The burden isn’t just yours anymore. There’re other people out there that may help. You may be able to notice the willingness in their eyes to help. They may patiently wait for you to let them in.

You do not have to hold on to your fears. That man isn’t a reincarnation of the idiocy you experienced in the past. He isn’t a repeat of your past mistakes. He’s what you’ve deserved this whole time. He’s strength and kindness. He’s empathy and patience. He’s the combination of everything you have wished for.

That’s why you should let that person take care of you. You should let that person take care of you so you can rest and go ahead. You’ll not lose the sense of independence. You’ll still be self-sufficient you were taught and raised to be. You should breathe and step back. You cannot fix everything.