Let Her Love You As She Will Love You More Than Anything in the World!

She’s been hurt so many times. She’s been with a few awful, horrible guys who did not love her and care about her. Therefore, she feels broken inside.

She actually wants a best friend. She wants somebody to go on adventures with. She wants somebody to laugh with.

She does not want a storybook romance. She does not want wine and roses. She does not want walks on the beach or candlelight dinners.

She wants to stay in, order takeout, build a blanket fort, and watch movies all night. She wants to go to the batting cages. She wants to go on a drive with no destination.

She likes to go on a road trip. She wants you to take her on a picnic. She wants you to take her to your favorite place. She likes to drive 3 hours to see your favorite band play. She wants you to introduce her to your friends.

She likes to stay up until 2 AM talking about your fears and your dreams. She wants you to tell her your deepest secrets. She wants to know your favorite holiday destination. She wants to know your favorite food. She wants to know everything there’s to know about you. Also, she wants you to know her.

She wants you to be the person she wants to tell everything to.

She likes to fight with you. She likes to argue with you about what movie to watch or what to eat for dinner. She wants you to tell her when she is unreasonable and overbearing.

However, she also wants you to tell her how beautiful she is. She wants you to hug her tightly in your arms. She wants you to kiss her forehead as well as tell her you care. She wants you to rub her back and cook her dinner after a long day.

She wants you to spoil her. She wants you to comfort her when she needs it most.

Let her do all those things for you. Let her be the hand that you hold, the arms that help you up, the ear you confide in, and the shoulder you cry on. Let her cry with you. Let her laugh with you. Let her love you as she’ll love you more than anything in the world.

Source: thoughtcatalog.com