26 Lessons You May Learn about Love from a “No Label” Relationship!

The dating culture has changed and evolved over the years – with people going from “going steady” and “courting” to “hooking up” and dating “unexclusively”. Even though it’s not the case with all relationships, today’s dating culture is quickly turning into a hook up culture. It may leave many couples in a “no label” zone.

In addition, commitment has become a nuisance that’s eventually feared by many young people, contributing to laid-back, casual dating. It sounds appealing and simple, doesn’t it? No over-the-top relationship cheesiness, no strings attached, and no added responsibilities. But, the truth is that a “no label” relationship comes with more baggage than what’s expected.

26 Lessons You May Learn about Love from a “No Label” Relationship:

– Learning how to love yourself more than others may be the hardest thing for you.

– Relationships are not meant be that confusing or complicated.

– You may learn how to love in this relationship. However, you will struggle to receive love in future relationships.

– An ending does not have to be bitter and bad just because the relationship was dramatic.

– The phrase ‘just friends’ may hurt a bit.

– Your friends will ask ‘so you are together…?’ and you will have to explain why you aren’t and try to justify your absurd choice to them.

– The toughest part of moving on will be walking away from them.

– You do not deserve to be the person they turn to whenever something goes wrong.

– You shouldn’t give up on them but you should know when enough is enough.

– Clinging to the past will not change the present.

– Finding out everything about their romantic past is not necessary for love.

– You cannot force something that’s not there.

– A physical relationship will not always lead to an emotional one.

– You may want them to be committed and faithful, whereas they’ll only want to stick to the initial agreement or vice versa.

– Your friends may hate that person.

– Your friends may also hate how much you talk about that person.

– In case you can get over them and forgive them, you’ll be best friends.

– This relationship may taint a real one.

– In case you do not get into a relationship with that person within the first month, you will never get into a relationship with them.

– It may take longer to get over somebody you were not in a relationship with. And it is OK.

– There’s no finite definition of love.

– Your feelings may be deeper than real relationships.

– You should not prove you’re worthy of their love.

– They may love you the best they can but they’re not right for you.

– Just because you are in a “no label” relationship does not mean that your feelings are not genuine.

Source: thoughtcatalog.com