Jim Carrey Explains Depression in a Way You Have Never Heard!

Jim Carrey is an actor as well as an ordinary man that has suffered from depression and met a low point in his life.

After years of fame, he has realized that it is useless to spend your whole live curating and creating some specific identity for yourself.

It’s all ego: wanting to matter, to be someone, and to be important. In reality, it can bring you only suffering and pain, for 3 major reasons. First, it can make you think that nothing is supposed to change—that you aren’t supposed to change. Second, it can introduce a separation between you and any other human who dishonors your interconnected, inherent nature. Third, it can lead you away from resting in your own goodness, because it can make you feel that you aren’t enough just as you are.

But, the antidote to this pain is to let go of this desire to “matter.” According to Jim Carrey, you should let go of attempting to maintain an image of self-importance in order to feel whole.

He also explains that everyone talks about depression. The main difference between sadness and depression is that sadness is just from happenstance—whatever did happen or did not happen for you. Moreover, depression is also your body saying “I no longer want to hold up this avatar” and “I no longer want to be this character”. It is just too much for you.

You may want to think of the term ‘depressed’ as ‘deep rest.’ In fact, your body should be depressed. It does require deep rest from the character that you have been attempting to play.

So, try to give yourself a break as well as let go of the identity you have worked hard to create. You should live with an open heart as well as a sense of humor about yourself and the world, because in the words of this actor, none of that matters anyway.

Carrey states that it is a comforting thought and that he does not have depression in his life. He has joy, sadness, satisfaction, elation, and gratitude beyond belief. However, all of that is weather, and it can spin around the planet. It does not sit on him long enough to kill him. It is just ideas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTblbYqQQag

Source: ewao.com