Here Are 6 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Cannot Find Happiness!

The presence of a successful career, a loving and faithful partner, and a great family life might not be enough to prevent a highly intelligent person from feeling melancholy and grief.

Here are 6 reasons why highly intelligent people cannot find happiness:

 – They aim for bigger things

Those with high levels of intelligence aren’t satisfied with what they have in life as their high IQ increases their ability to imagine bigger things. If you are one of them, you may be looking for a bigger purpose, a pattern or a meaning. You may also be driven too far away by your intense imagination, which makes it impossible for you to enjoy the good things you have in your life. For you, ordinary life is boring.

You may also think that you need to live in a different era and that this planet isn’t your real abode. With such thoughts crossing your mind, you may be unhappy.

– They lean towards over-thinking

A large number of highly intelligent people analyze anything that happens in their life. This means that they lean towards over-thinking. Sometimes, too much thinking could be really exhausting, particularly if your thoughts lead you to conclusions that frustrate and vex you. Even though this weighs you down, you keep over-thinking.

In addition, your ability to analyze things is also great. However, you should not pay attention to everything. Without doubt, today’s world appears to be a disappointing place, which is occupied by wrong people. Moreover, the feelings that affect you upon the reflection on the eternal questions of life, philosophical problems, and global affairs that don’t have answers have a negative impact on your happiness and well-being. You should learn to ignore them in order to feel cheerful, lighthearted, and happy.

– Nobody appreciates the depth with which they can analyze and see things

Highly intelligent people can hardly find someone that really understands them. When you have understanding people around you, half of the stress in your life disappears. There isn’t anything more comforting than having a meaningful conversation with someone that understands your ideas and views on everything spanning from personal life to philosophy, and other complex questions. You may feel lonely and misunderstood, because in most cases, nobody appreciates the depth with which you can analyze and see things.

Research has shown that people with high IQ do not need to socialize as much as those with average IQ, to be happy. However, they do feel the need to meet people, as well as have an enjoyable conversation. These people want to talk about fascinating and meaningful things instead of talk on subjects such as weather, weekend plans, or food.

– They judge themselves too hard

Highly intelligent people often judge themselves. But, judging yourself too hard can result in unhappiness. It isn’t only about your failures and successes, but everything that’s about you. Your deep thinking nature analyses your actions and behavior and then compares you against highest standards. Although you do it unintentionally, this tendency causes you to blame yourself for no reason.

It can also disturb your mind and mess up your mood. Also, you cannot get a restorative sleep at night or spend your day cheerfully. Unfortunately, these negative emotions are enough to remove happiness from your life.

– They match almost everything with their high standards

These people know what they want. Additionally, anything less than their expectations cannot satisfy them. That’s why they are often unhappy. This stands true for anything, whether it’s relationships, career, etc.

You never get all what you want. However, this practical knowledge isn’t present in people that have brilliant theoretical minds. If you are one of them, then you have little practical intelligence as well as maintain idealistic views of the world that do not help you in coping with the ways of the world. That’s why you feel disappointed when you find that the reality is contrary to your expectations.

– They are prone to developing mental disorders

Many studies have proven that there is a correlation between psychiatric disorders (such as social anxiety and bipolar disorders) and highly intelligent minds. Are these disorders are actually a side effect of a brilliant mind? We can’t confirm this, because there are a great number of hidden mysteries of science and human mind, yet to be revealed.

Most intelligent people are prone to existential depression that often results from over-thinking. In case you keep on analyzing everything deeply, you may begin thinking about death and life. Your mind may begin searching for the meaning of your existence. That’s why you may start re-evaluating your own life, which can make you sad. Also, this might increase your risk of developing a severe mental disorder.