Here Is Why You Are Still Single!

While it is great to have somebody to cuddle, love and support you when times get tough, there is nothing more fulfilling and exciting than the relationship you have with yourself.

In fact, some women are single as they choose to be. They’re simply not interested in being in a serious relationship.

Here Is Why You’re Still Single:

– You appreciate and value your time

You probably live a chaotic life — both professionally and personally. That’s why you enjoy being alone and being truly present in the moment. 

– You are totally invested in your friendships

Your friends are your people, your rock, and your voice of reason. That’s why you often result to friend-zoning men to start with. You also value quality, real, and genuine friendships before relationships. 

– You do not like dating

It is confusing and exhausting. You have many other priorities in life. You don’t want to use the word “dating” or “date”. Instead, you would simply say let’s go to the park, go grab food, or hang out.

– You do not love staying in one place for too long

You do not love staying in one place for too long. You love the spontaneous adventure and thrill. You have too many people to meet, cultures to experience and places to see prior to getting into a serious relationship.

– You love being single

You probably enjoy playing the game of life by your own rules, pressing pause on a specific chapter, and pushing your own limits. You probably love the high that comes from building your own success story and paving your own path. You like to be free and wild, taking on each challenge, as you have nothing keeping you tied down or holding you back.

– You don’t want to rush into anything

When it is right, you know your heart will let you open up as well as fall unapologetically. But, until then, you don’t want to rush into anything — chasing love does not simply seem right.

– You have difficulty trusting men

You’ve probably been the kind of person to have a fairly accurate and pretty good read on people after meeting them — even when it is the nicest man on the planet, a part of you will probably remain sceptical and cautious until actions have proven otherwise.

– You feel unable to open your life and heart to somebody else

Although you have a huge amount of love to give, you feel unable to open your life and heart to somebody else. Not out of fear of heartbreak or rejection, as that you can handle. But, it may stem from feeling sceptical of what exactly genuine and unconditional love has the potential to be.

– You have too much time to create the life of your dreams

You have too much time to create the life of your dreams; a life designed for you, your passions and your vision prior to sharing all of it with somebody else. It’s the time in your life where you’re your number one priority.

– You are so comfortable in your own skin

You enjoy living your own life on your own terms, by your own playbook, setting your own rules.