The Heartbreaking Pain of Loving Somebody You Can Never Have!

Love is actually a tricky thing. It does vary in the specificity and intensity of emotions. Sometimes, it’s the most incredible thing in the world. But, sometimes, it is the most terrible thing you have ever experienced.

It is strange how one thing may cause so many contrary feelings. When you think of love, you probably think of the happy type of love, the type that’s the beginning of something amazing.

But, there’s another type of love, a much sadder and darker type of love. It is the love you feel when you love somebody you can never or will never have.

It is the type of love that does not signal the beginning of something amazing, but rather the end of something that may have been amazing.

Unfortunately, love does not always end happily. It does not always lead to the joining of 2 people. This means that you may love somebody with all your soul and never get a chance to be with them. Or, you may know that you love them, knowing there’s no possibility that the 2 of you will ever be together.

It hurts a lot. Perhaps you’ve lived your entire life feeling envious without any escape.

You probably envy that ‘somebody’ that showers them kisses and that gets the chance to watch them smile as they open their eyes every morning.

You probably envy that ‘somebody’ that kisses and hugs them whenever they go to bed at night.

You probably envy that ‘somebody’ that gets the chance to be with them, hold and see them, and talk to them after a bad day.

You probably never have a life that others pray for as you are a woman that smiles to hide the pain and that lies about being OK.

You are a woman that cries until the birds of dawn pick away the debris of darkness and that’s alone in bed at night.

You are a woman that hopes, wishes, and prays of holding them and feeling them as they fall asleep beside you.

However, you want them to know that your love for them is not lost in you. You’ll conserve it so you can have something to carry you through the period of aloneness.

It is actually how you love them.