11 Reasons Why Most Men Find It Difficult to Handle Strong, Independent Women!

Strong women are able to stand up for themselves. They don’t hide behind anyone’s back. They can stand through their past struggles and tolerate pain.

They can also remain independent even when they are going through tough times. They know how to deal with their problems; and they don’t play the victim or make themselves look pitiful. They don’t blame anyone for their misfortune.

11 Reasons Why It Is Hard for Most Men to Handle Strong, Independent Women:

– A strong woman wants a deep relationship

Most men lose confidence when they approach a strong woman. Men struggle in the conversation as they cannot handle her intellect and her ability to think for herself. A strong woman asks questions that men may not be ready to answer. She asks philosophical and personal questions. She doesn’t enjoy a meaningless conversation. She doesn’t fall for a man’s ‘routines’ that work on other women. She doesn’t have time for fake smiling or games. 

– She doesn’t need a man to fight for her, save her or make her happy

A strong woman knows that nobody can save her – she must save herself. She doesn’t see anybody as a means to an end – a way to avoid loneliness or become more emotionally and financially stable. She doesn’t need anybody to fight for her, save her or make her happy.

– She values vulnerability and honesty and tends to take her integrity seriously

Most men have difficulty expressing their emotions and opening up to difficult questions, as they don’t want to come off as weak. But, a strong woman dives right into the depth of life-changing experiences, traumas, and hurt. She values vulnerability and honesty and tends to take her integrity seriously. She always tells the truth and expects the same from men. That’s why she wants them to be vulnerable and honest.

– She’s able to see right through lies

She can see right through lies. As we have already mentioned, she’s honest and expects trust in a relationship. She cannot tolerate a sense of selfishness and falseness. This means that if a man is attempting to play smart, it will not work.

– She knows what she wants and she is not submissive

Most men want to control their woman’s choices as well as give advice regarding what they should do. However, a strong woman knows what she wants and how to get it. She doesn’t need anybody’s validation for it. She is not submissive. So, her tenacious personality can be intimidating for most men.

– She’s extremely intense and brings intensity to everything she does

She’s extremely intense and brings intensity to everything she does. She’s enthusiastic, dreams big and wants to explore the world. She also has intense thoughts and emotions. She isn’t indifferent about things that are important to her. It takes a lot of determination and energy to cope up with her. So, her intensity can be intimidating for most men. Her intensity is hard for most men to deal with.

– She’s extremely committed and craves consistency

She values commitment and loyalty in the way she values honesty. She also craves consistency. She can get turned off by flaky behavior or inconsistency. She wants a solid bond and strong connection and knows that consistency is the foundation of that bond.

– She’s passionate and she doesn’t want to waste her energy and time on a man that doesn’t appreciate her depth

She’s passionate and strong and she doesn’t want to waste her energy and time on a man that doesn’t appreciate her depth. She isn’t willing to wait for a man to make up his mind or watch him be hesitant about her. Although she desires a special kind of love, she isn’t afraid of being on her own. 

– She’s emotionally mature

She’s emotionally mature, which means that she knows how to control her emotions. She’s able to look at herself through the eyes of an observer. She identifies urges that build up within her mind and resists the temptation to act on them. She faces the bad and good times with an underlying steadiness. She’s able to handle situations thoughtfully and maturely.

– She isn’t afraid of conflict  

She’d rather bring something up front and center than tiptoe around a problem and let it fester. As she is an emotionally mature person, she doesn’t yell or get angry easily. However, she isn’t afraid of conflict. So, if something is bothering her, she’ll have a conversation about it.

– She isn’t intimidated by intimacy  

She requires intimacy in all forms, from making love to deep conversation. She isn’t afraid to challenge a man in the most intimate of ways. She holds nothing back. As she’s comfortable with her femininity, she expects him to also be open to all aspects of intimacy.

Regardless of how difficult strong women are, their qualities also make them precious. They’re passionate, committed and independent women. So if you are in a relationship with a strong woman, consider yourself privileged.