This Company Produces Unique Glass Creations That Help You Honor Your Lost Loved Ones!

The loss of a loved one can be extremely difficult. There are various options for cremated remains, including storage in preservation in an urn, a columbarium, scattering, interment in a cemetery, and incorporation into jewelry and art.

The advantage of cremation is that it allows you to memorialize your loved one in any way you want.

A wonderful and innovative alternative to honor the memory of someone who passed away is by making their cremated remains part of a unique object or piece of art. In other words, a bit of their cremated remains is incorporated into a crystal or keepsake, which lets you carry a part of that person with you.

Additionally, a company based in Seattle that produces glass, known as ‘Artful Ashes’, has actually come up with an imaginative idea of helping people that suffer from losing their loved ones that passed away by producing unique glass creations. In fact, the company memorizes the ashes of those that passed away.

Moreover, these unique glass memorials enable you to treasure as well as hold your memories. They actually represent the art.

Every glass creation comes with an inscribed message with the name of the person that passed away. What’s more, a specific message or anything else that you order can be engraved on the glass memorial, as well.

As we have already mentioned, the idea of the company to produce these art glass memorials is to comfort the grieving as well as give an opportunity to appreciate and hold the memories.

The amazing glass memorials include 1 tbsp. of the ashes of someone that passed away. The company uses art glass blowing to incorporate the ashes into a solid glass with a particular shape such as heart or orb.

In the process, they capture the essence of the spirit of a loved one in a swirl of color and ashes. It’s sealed forever within incredible glass creation.

Each glass memorial is around 3.5 x 3.5 inches and weighs nearly 14 ounces. Reddit shoppers note that a glass memorial costs about $145.

In order to find more information and see how the artists from Artful Ashes produce these unique glass memorials, watch the video below: