6 Ways to Get Over Somebody You Never Dated!

The pain of being in love with somebody that does not feel the same way about you may be unbearable. It does not feel romantic. It may feel devastating.

You may find yourself revolving your life around the person you love; reading into each form of physical contact, overanalyzing every single conversation, and counting down until you are next seeing them. When the love isn’t reciprocated, it may become obsessive and it may be hard to recover from.

Getting over somebody you never dated can be as hard as getting over somebody after a break-up. You must confront it honestly and fearlessly before you can put an end to it and move on.

6 Ways to Get Over Somebody You Never Date:

– Admit to your feelings 

You already know that you are in love with that person. But, in case you haven’t fully admitted to yourself how strong your feelings are, you must do so before you can get over them. Overlooking the strength of your feelings of affection may make it harder to triumph in the end.

Although you have never been in a relationship with that person, you invested a lot of emotion, energy, and time into them.

You must admit to the full depth of your feelings. Although it might knock your pride down a peg or two, eventually, it’ll be more useful than allowing yourself to stay in denial.

– Face the truth

They were never yours to start with, meaning that the feeling that blossoms in your chest whenever you see them is one that is part hopeful, part deluded, and fully hurtful.

You must understand that what you had was not a true relationship. It is OK to mourn for the potential of what it could have been. But, you must own up to facts in order to keep your heart and your sanity intact. They aren’t yours and they will never be. Do not fool yourself; and remind yourself of it whenever you see them, regardless of how much it hurts.

– Remember that the idealized version you have of them is not the full story

Somebody that was never yours is somebody you do not fully know. It is important to understand that the person that exists in your head isn’t the same person that exists in real life. You might be friends, but you do not actually know what they are like as a romantic partner. It is something you cannot find out until you have had the experience. So, remember that the idealized version you have of them is not the full story.

– Accept the situation and move on

You should be honest with yourself. You have been in love with them and it did not work. It’s that simple.

You should accept the situation and choose to move on. It is definitely the most difficult part. Choosing to let it go does not happen only once. It does happen multiple times. But, you must choose to stop allowing yourself to dwell on what cannot be.

– Do not blame yourself for what happened

You should not blame anyone for what happened and certainly not yourself. It isn’t your fault that you cannot be with them, and it isn’t your fault that you fell for them. You must understand that what you are currently doing is the right thing.

– Do not think that you were not good enough for them

You should not think that you were not good enough for them. Simply because they were not the right one doesn’t mean that the right person is not out there for you.  You should not ask yourself why you were not “their type” or why you were not “good enough.” Eventually, you will realize that you’re too good for them, and that you deserve to find love and somebody that’s deserving of your love.