Do Not Fall in Love with a Person. Instead, Fall in Love with These 35 Things!

Do Not Fall in Love with a Person. Instead, Fall in Love with These 35 Things:
  1.  Your own life.
  2.  Writing.
  3.  A movie that made you feel more understood and less alone.
  4.  The sun that rests on your skin first thing in the morning.
  5.  Cooking new recipes.
  6.  Hiking.
  7.  Art.
  8.  Dancing alone.
  9.  Decorating your space that’s a reflection of nobody other than yourself.
  10.  Being near water.
  11.  Something that requires a lot of upkeep, such as an old jeep or a motorcycle. Enjoy the process of caring for something just to have it fall apart as well as have to put it back together again.
  12.  A memory.
  13.  The way the trees change colors in the fall.
  14.  A good cry.
  15.  A pet.
  16.  Surrendering to the lack of control that’s your life.
  17.  Decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering.
  18.  Anything that makes you happy and sucks you in.
  19.  Yoga.
  20.  The first moment of a concert when the lights start dimming and the excitement in your heart seems to beat in unison as the guitars ultimately start playing.
  21.  A feeling that you can’t describe in any other way except as “alive.”
  22.  A song that gives you goosebumps.
  23.  A foreign language.
  24.  The sweet relief that’s born from becoming fully aware that everything is as it needs to be.
  25.  A warm breeze after a cold winter.
  26.  Falling asleep when your head hits your pillow.
  27.  An invigorating moment in time that you had to take a break to take it all in.
  28.  Painting with watercolors even if you’re terrible at it.
  29.  A line in poetry that encouraged you to see something in a way you never thought before.
  30.  The first warm day of the year.
  31.  A cup of coffee at a small cafe on a rainy day.
  32.  A new city you were so enchanted by you did not realize the time pass at all.
  33.  Your career.
  34.  A passage in literature, which speaks to you in a way nobody else ever has.
  35.  The way the sun peeks through the trees before sunset.