Expert Claims that We Were Brought to THIS Planet Many Years Ago!

Some experts claim that in the distant past, human beings were crossbred with another species from the star system Alpha Centauri (that’s one of the closest solar systems to our planer), giving birth to modern human beings.

Kish was actually an ancient city of Sumer in Mesopotamia, which is thought to have been located near the modern Tell al-Uhaymir in Iraq.

Archaeologists found the tablet of Kish, i.e., an ancient document that’s considered to date back to 3500 before Christ.

According to the Sumerian king list, Kish was actually the first city to have kings following the deluge, starting with Jushur.

The successor of Jushur is called Kullassina-bel, but it’s a sentence in Akkadian, which means “All of them were lord”. Many scholars have pointed out that this might have been intended to indicate the central authority absence in Kish for a time.

In addition, this ancient document is considered to precede the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the cuneiform writing of the Sumerians for about a hundred years.

Humans developed the ability to express their thoughts via written language. What’s more, they have also achieved things that any other species has still not.

Our ‘evolution’ is actually short in comparison to other species of our planet.

It’s been a short period of time, approximately several million years since the first hominid walked on our planet. Experts aren’t sure why only our species have emerged to this advanced technological intelligence.

Obviously, there isn’t anything more advanced than human beings on Earth.

Simply imagine that humans had to return to and survive in the jungle for some reason. Most experts believe that most of them wouldn’t survive for a long period of time.

They think that human beings cannot occupy a variety of environments. This means that humans are actually limited when it comes to Earth.

Despite our intelligence, biologists have also found contrasts between the physiology of humans and that of other animal species on the planet. They agree that human beings are strange in comparison to other species on our planet. For instance, a baby horse when born can function and walk almost independently. However, humans aren’t able to do it. We’re born prior to being neurologically ready for life. This makes us helpless.

Experts think that there’re a large number of vulnerabilities, which accompany our intelligence.

Human beings finally became bipeds that freed up our superior extremities enabling us to create tools, manipulate objects, etc. Additionally, they also agree that lumbar pain reveals a lot about our species. Interestingly, other species on our planet don’t have this problem.

According to the ecologist and environmentalist, Dr. Ellis Silver, this means that we’re the aliens we have been looking for too long.

Dr. Silver explains that there’re a few tell-tale signs found in the human race, which indicate that humans didn’t evolve alongside other lifeforms on the planet.

His book ‘Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence’ is, without a doubt, a resume of theories for and against human evolution on the planet. Moreover, in his book, he evaluates 17 factors and 13 leading hypothesis that indicate humans aren’t from Earth.

Dr. Silver points out that humankind is allegedly the most highly developed species on Earth, yet is ill-equipped and unsuited for Earth’s environment: extremely high rates of chronic disease; a dislike for naturally occurring foods, harmed by sunlight, etc.

Furthermore, human beings may suffer from back pain since they initially evolved on another planet with a lower gravity, adding to the mysteries. That’s not all, many babies have big heads and make it hard for mothers to give birth, thus leading to fatalities for both child and mother.

As stated above, Dr. Silver believes that in the distant past, human beings were crossbred with another species from the star system Alpha Centauri (that’s one of the closest solar systems to our planer), giving birth to modern human beings.

He also adds that there’re many people worldwide that ‘feel’ they don’t belong on this planet. According to Dr. Silver, this means that humankind might have evolved on another planet, and humans might have been brought here as a highly developed species. The Earth may be a prison planet as humans seem to be a violent species as well as we are here until we learn to behave ourselves.

In short, he believes that humankind didn’t evolve from that specific strain of life, but evolved elsewhere as well as was transported to this planet between 60,000-200,000 years ago.

Additionally, Robert Sepher notes that according to modern DNA sequencing, humankind is not only one ‘race’, which descended from the same ancestor in Africa. It’s actually a hybridized species with a more ambiguous truth behind it.

Moreover, in case humankind evolved from a same ancient African ancestor, the blood of everyone would be compatible. However, it isn’t the case. So, where did Rh-negative blood type come from? It raises a number of questions that scientists alone haven’t been able to answer.