THIS Simple Exercise Is More Effective Than 1000 Abs: Do It for 1 Minute a Day!

When you are trying to lose weight, your abdomen can be one of the most problematic parts of your body. You probably want to have tight and flat belly, but you don’t want to practice ab exercises. However, the fitness experts have ultimately found an excellent solution that replaces a thousand of the standard ab exercises.

This simple exercise is known as “the plank”. It’s a static exercise where your entire body weight falls on your toes and hands, whereas the rest of your body is flat like a plank. You shouldn’t move your body at all.

It’s useful for making your belly tight and flat. It’s also beneficial for alleviating back pain, because your firm abdominal muscles also hold your spine.

Make sure that your body is kept in the proper initial position for maximum benefits. That’s why you need to follow these instructions:

– Place the hands firmly on the ground. Make sure you keep the shoulders and neck straight

– Although you should mainly focus on the abdominal muscles, you also need to feel “a fire” in the legs. In case you do not feel it, just place the heels in a position where you’ll rely only on the toes and you’ll feel tenseness in the thigh muscles. Next, activate the muscles in the lower part of your body by contracting the butt muscles

– Instead of raising the butt up in the air, you need to hold it in a flat position. Make sure you keep your body flat for best results.

– You should also pay attention to your breathing. Try to breathe smoothly and evenly, so that it’s much easier for you to stay in that position.

– Staying in the proper position plays a vital role here. You can easily achieve it in case you imagine that you have one glass of water on the back and you should make sure it’ll remain balanced.

Here Is How to Practice It:
  1. Put the knees and hands on the floor. You should place the hands shoulder-width apart. Keep the back flat.
  2. Point the nose toward the floor.
  3. Stretch the left leg and then place it down on the floor on the toes. You should also repeat the same procedure with the right leg. Your total body weight needs to rely on the toes and hands.
  4. Then, contract the abs and stay in this position for 20 seconds to a minute.
  5. Next, knee down and relax.
  6. Do the same 3 times in a row. When you’re used to practicing this exercise, you can do it for more than a minute.