10 Things to Do When Dating Someone That Has Been Hurt Many Times!

Everyone has suffered from at least one bad break-up in life. This kind of pain is a part of relationships and life. But, getting hurt multiple times can destroy a person’s desire for a relationship.

In fact, trust plays a crucial role in building and maintaining a successful relationship. It is very important that trust be established in the beginning of a new relationship.

Although people move on and hope their past experiences will not have an impact on their future relationships, they often do. When somebody has been hurt in the past, trusting somebody else may feel almost impossible.

The thought of letting somebody in may cause as much damage and hurt as their ex did can be terrifying.

Break-ups and relationships are hard for either party, and one person often ends up with deeper scars and cuts.

This might be the person you’re currently dating. The nicer you are, the more evil your intentions appear. But, you must be patient.

Simply because they’ve had their heart broken into many pieces does not mean they are undeserving of love. This means that you must approach your relationship in a different way without further damaging or reopening their deep emotional scars.

Although you aren’t able to change them or make them love themselves, you should try your best to encourage them to feel their worth and let them know that they truly deserve all the good things in this world.

10 Things to Do When Dating Someone That Has Been Hurt Many Times:

– Be patient

You will realize how nervous they are. You will realize how they pull away when you get too close. You will realize how they doubt everything about themselves.

That’s why you must be patient and take things slow. Avoid pushing or pressuring them.

Then, you will realize how kind, gentle and soft they are.

– Listen to them carefully

Ultimately, they will open up about their past. When they do so, you should listen to them, without saying anything. Simply appreciate the fact that they trust you enough to tell you what happened.

– Accept them and their past

They are battling some inner demons that are causing them a bit of turmoil. Once they start opening up about their past, you should accept it. If you aren’t able to accept it, it means that they aren’t the right person for you.

– Do not feel sorry for them

They do not want you to feel sorry for them. They can heal the pain from their past on their own.

– Do not send mixed signals

They do not want you to send mixed signals. Do not play games to avoid pushing them away in the long run. Express your feelings and let them know where you see your relationship going. After a while, they will begin to let them guard down, as well.

– Remind them of all their good qualities

They are probably suffering from low self-esteem. Although you should not be their personal ego booster, you need to remind them of all their good qualities. Let them know how strong, beautiful and smart they are.

– Stay consistent

You should always stay consistent and continue to do the things they love. They will love your thoughtful and consistent acts of kindness.

– Give them space when they need it

If they retreat after the 2 of you just had an argument or after a stressful day at work, let them go. Give them space when they need it. Do not be all in their face and crowd their personal space. After they have some time to process things, they will be back into your arms.

– Make them feel secure

They are probably scared that you will turn out to be just like the rest. But, you should hold them and make them feel secure.

– Appreciate them

You will notice how much they do for you and how well they treat you. You will notice how kind and polite they are. That’s why you should appreciate them even more.

They will teach you so much, love you unconditionally, and change your life.