9 Things a Narcissist Never Does for You!

People, who have ever been in any type of relationship with a narcissist, probably know that narcissism is one of the most toxic personality traits someone can have.

Narcissists think they are smarter, wiser and generally better than others at everything; they lack empathy; they manage to revert each topic of conversation back to themselves; and they are only concerned with themselves.

They are great at first impressions, coming off as personably, friendly and charismatic. But, the truth is that they are self-absorbed, selfish, egotistical and toxic.

9 Things a Narcissist Never Does for You:

– They do not see you as an equal  

Narcissists think they are on top of the world – they do not think you are on the same level as them. If you try and associate yourself with a narcissist as an equal, they’ll probably try to bring you down so they are on top once again.

So, do not expect them to see you as an equal.

– They do not listen to your problems

They do not want to listen to your problems. They tend to keep the conversation centered on themselves and show disinterest when you speak. When you talk together, what they want or what they have to say is all that matters.

They just listen when they need something from you, using your traumas or weaknesses to get what they want. They do not pay attention to what you have to say. If the subject does not revolve around them or involve them, they’ll not listen to you.

– They do not offer any type of emotional support when you need it

They aren’t capable of compassion as it’d require them to get out of their own needs. They do not care about your feelings or what you need.

They do not want to hear about your recent job loss or breakup. Your dad could be in the hospital and if you ask them for help, they’ll not help you unless they can get something for helping.

They lack compassion and empathy. When something does not concern them, they’ll not bother with it.

So, do not expect them to offer any type of emotional support when you need it.

– They do not do anything that does not benefit them

They do not do anything that does not benefit them. This means that when they do you a favor, they’ll soon reclaim it and ask you for a world of favors afterwards.

– They do not feel sorry for anything  

They never apologize. They see themselves as above reproach and never feel they have done anything wrong. They do not feel sorry for anything as they believe that they are perfect.

– They do not take responsibility for what they said or did  

They never take responsibility for what they said or did. They can easily turn things around to hurt you instead of taking responsibility for their actions.

They are intensely sensitive to blame and shame. They are so averse to responsibility that they immediately deny and project it onto you. When something goes wrong, they turn it against you.

Their sense of superiority over you reinforces their beliefs that you are always to blame for anything that goes wrong, even if they are responsible.

– They do not feel grateful

They aren’t willing to share the things you’ve done for them, only those things that you’ve not done. They just focus on the negativity.

They think that what you’ve done for them does not deserve gratitude at all. However, they remember what they’ve done for you.

Although they do not show gratitude, they expect it from you to the fullest extent. Even when what they’ve done for you is small and meaningless, they expect you to be grateful.

– They do not make you feel good about yourself

They try to make themselves shine by putting you down, particularly in front of others. They may make passive-aggressive, snide remarks to you and make you feel helpless, powerless and worthless, because it makes them feel powerful and good about themselves.

And when you get upset, they may roll their eyes and accuse you of being over-sensitive.

– They do not show their authentic selves

They are manipulative and do not want to express their genuine feelings. That’s why they try to hide their true feelings from you.